Flamenco fashion: The Sevillian look, by Vicky Martín Berrocal

Vicky Martín Berrocal is the perfect Andalusian. Proud of her 40 years, she is enjoying her success as a fashion designer alongside well-known faces from the Spanish catwalk such as Laura Sánchez or Eva González, current girlfriend of the bullfighter Fran Rivera.

The television presenter and former partner of the bullfighter Manuel Diaz, El Cordobés, has captured the essence of flamenco fashion, dazzling at SIMOF, the Flamenco Fashion Show since 2009.

Discreet and feminine flamenco fashion

  • Vicky Martín Berrocal’s dresses have graced the windows of Harrods and will soon be seen in New York, Dubai, Russia…among the celebrities who have worn the Sevillian dresses of the Andalusian designer, there are names like Nicole Scherzinger, ex- girlfriend of driver Lewis Hamilton.
  • Vicky Martín Berrocal’s dresses represent a sexy and above all very feminine woman. On the catwalk, we see Laura Sánchez, in the latest collection of the designer ‘Amar por amar’ with designs that mix dot and polka dot prints, Eva Gonzalez, with a beautiful model with a floral print in reds and greens. The only rule that Vicky follows is to get a flamenco design at an affordable price to be able to wear it at the April Fair or at any event with a Spanish tinge.
  • The television presenter loves the designs of Valentino, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Gucci and, above all, she declares herself a great fan of Zara. Some of her designs can be used in day or night events such as to attend a wedding guest, due to her simplicity, her soft colors and her delicacy and exquisite taste when choosing the fabrics for her flamenco dresses. especially embroidered satins with up to 12 different threads.
  • In beauty we see a very similar line. Long hair, dark and wavy hair, or hair loose or tied up in a bow, very fashionable in this latest edition of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and also a low ponytail. Flowers to decorate the hair of your models and large earrings, or gemstone earrings or the classic gypsy earrings typical of the flamenco dress. In makeup, black kohl to emphasize the dark look and lips in light or nude tones.
  • The designer has recently debuted with a collection of casual wear and also with wedding dresses, in which she retains a bit of the essence of her flamenco fashion designs. For casual wear, three key colors are white, black and red. Vicky Martín bets on the tight dress, long and short, and the V-shaped neckline and the closed one. We see asymmetrical skirts, cuts to the side of her and also lace in her evening dresses of hers. She is a sexy and contemporary woman both during the day and at night.

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