How to dress to go to Fabrik: comfortable and sexy looks to not clash

There are times when you are invited to a place that you are not used to going to. It is then when doubts arise about how to dress or what clothes to wear. How will the others fare? And if I dress up a lot and the rest go informal? And if I wear too sporty clothing and the others are dressed up? In short, we never want to draw too much attention to our clothes.

This can happen to you, for example, when you go to nightclubs like Fabrik in Madrid. If you’ve never been to this place and it’s hard to go with your group of friends, surely you don’t know where to start with your look. Well then, we are going to see how to dress to go to Fabrik with some style tips and comfortable and sexy looks so as not to clash at any party.

Outfits that you should wear yes or yes to party at Fabrik

The first thing you should know is that there is no specific dress code to enter Fabrik and this is very good news. In short, you can go with any sneaker or shoe that matches your look. Of course, you must bear in mind that you will be in a place where there is usually a large crowd of people dancing and that you will also be dancing all night, so you must choose a sexy outfit that is comfortable. Which of the following looks will you want to wear?

Slip dress and platform heeled sandal

Strapless lingerie dresses are very fashionable and are very flattering. Wear a black, lead gray or blue one and combine it with heeled sandals with some platform for greater comfort. Is it winter time? Well then, don’t hesitate and put on your slip dress (instead of satin, you can choose velvet, which will always keep you a little warmer and is a more wintery fabric) combined with cowboy boots. Paint your eye with a good eyeliner and smoke them and apply a beige lipstick. You will be perfect to spend the whole night dancing and, in addition, very sexy.

High waisted jeans and crop top

Are you a fan of sporty looks? So don’t hesitate and put on the skinny and high-waisted jeans that fit you best. If you want to go a little more dressed up, choose ones that are waxed, that have some brocade detail or that are black. Finish off the look with a striking strappy crop top, not vulgar, such as a glittery or iridescent one. Don’t you like showing belly? So choose to expose your back. Add a wide, comfortable heel to your shoe or boot and you’ll be cool and comfortable, ready to dance the night away in the crowd. It’s summer? Then you can opt for high-waisted jeans, but in short format, and combine them with sandals.

Leather pants and low-cut top

Another look that can be elegant, at the same time sexy and very rough to spend the night in Fabrik is one based on skinny black leather pants and a low-cut shirt. Choose your favorite cami, the one that best suits you. Animal print t-shirts or tops always add a touch to outfits. Choose, for example, one with a snake print. Add to the look what you prefer, a low-heeled boot or a high-heeled shoe, as long as you are comfortable.

Black mini dress

And the garment that never fails when you go to a disco is the basic black miniskirt dress. Surely you have one or more of these features in your closet. Put on it and combine it as you prefer: biker boot, stiletto or, why not, some black boot Converse. You can also wear a black mini and combine it with a festival T-shirt, like Rolling Stones, one of those that are cut and, if not, tie it to one side of the waist. If you don’t have a black mini, another option might be a denim mini.

Always a small crossbody bag

The most comfortable option to carry around and be dancing without getting in the way or weighing you down is a small crossbody bag. Come on, just enough for the money, documentation, keys, clinex and lipstick. Another equally valid option is the fanny pack.

Now you know what to wear to go to Fabrik and succeed with your look, right? Which of these do you keep?

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