Impossible color mixes for your looks: They are in fashion!

Red doesn’t go with pink, navy blue and black can never go together, bright green and orange don’t go together at all, and gloss and matte colors don’t mix with each other in peace and harmony. So far, this season’s fashion dictates that you can make as many color combinations as your imagination wants, don’t you think so? Impossible color mixes are in fashion and the famous are the ones who know it best.

The impossible colors that are trending 

When it comes to fashion and trends, everything seemed to be written and everything agreed to know what to wear, what not to wear, and what to mix the colors with. But things have changed: now the clothes from the gym go out into the street and are called athleisure, bras are no longer just underwear to be all-terrain bralettes and colors forget their staunchest enemies to coexist in perfect harmony. Here you have the color mixtures that you never thought would be worn.

The red and the pink

Now they are in fashion and not only that, but the more you let these two colors in their infinite shades be seen in your look, the better. On the red carpet, in street style and in urban looks, check out pink and red and keep an eye on them. Surely after seeing the look of Taylor Swift, this combination no longer seems so wrong.

Navy blue and black

Is navy blue and black a winning combination? Absolutely yes. Break the rules, or better yet, erase all the rules from your mind and wear navy blue and black in the same outfit. As? Well, with your head held high and with a big smile on your face. To give you some other idea, opt for navy blue jeans and add a black blazer, or a blue pencil skirt and a black top, perfect to wear this summer. Bonus tip: add a dash of sky blue.

Intense green and orange color 

Copy the outfits of your favorite celebrities, and when we say copy, we mean from head to toe: clothes, accessories and colors, yes, with your personal touch. Do you already have your outfit in green and orange to wear tomorrow? You will be the center of attention at the same time that you have a most applauded outfit.

Glossy and matte colors

You already know that from now on shiny dresses are worn not only at night, during the day mixed with some sports shoes they are a success, well, if you also add a bag, a sweater or some sandals in matte color, you will have a look with two trends at once. What more could you want?

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