How to dress to go to a 90s party (and get your look right)

Have you been invited to a 90s party and don’t know what to wear? Are theme parties from different decades bad for you because the outfits mix up in your head and you don’t know if it’s from one decade or another? Peaceful! You have come to the right place.

The 90s is one of the reminiscences that fashion stores have and the logical thing is that in your head (as in everyone’s) outfits from different eras are mixed, especially from the 80s and 90s. In fact, there are many pieces from the 80s that continued to be a trend in the 90s, so there is no dividing wall of trends between decades. In any case, do you know how to dress to go to a 90s party and get your look right? We have some ideal looks that will surely be of great help to you. Take note everyone!

Perfect looks to go to a party inspired by the 90s

The decade of the 90’s is the easiest to evoke today. Don’t you believe us? Surely you have in your closet some Converse or classic white sneakers, some mom jeans, some crop top, plaid pants, hair scrunchies… It’s easier than you think to come up with the ideal 90s look for your parties.

Do you want some visual ideas? We can mention the image of ‘Sex and the City I’, when the four protagonists meet… There you have the image of the four 90s looks par excellence! The chicest image of Carrie with her corset, tulle skirt and leggings, Charlotte’s much more classic, Miranda’s with her brown suit and jacket with a pencil skirt and Samantha’s with a more rocker look. If like us, you are also a fan of the series ‘Friends’ you will have a gold mine in the looks of Rachel and Monica in the first seasons. Do you still have doubts? Pay close attention to the outfits that we tell you below.

Overalls and boots

Denim overalls, whether short, long or in the form of a skirt, were all the rage in the 90s. You won’t find it difficult to find them in any store. If you opt for a jean, you can wear the typical Dr. Martens boots in black. Another option is to choose a pinafore skirt with straps and wear a ribbed sweater or t-shirt underneath. You can combine it with chunky-soled, heeled, lace-up ankle boots. And what do you think of a hairstyle with many bows on the crown? One hundred percent ninety!

Mom jeans and unstructured shirt

Surely in your closet you already have some mom jeans. Wear them for your ’90s party, cinching them in at the waist with a black belt with a silver buckle and tucking in a loose shirt. Don’t have baggy shirts? Borrow one from your boy… Or from your father! Now fold the bottom of your pants and put on some white sports socks, the usual ribbed ones, and your white sneakers. You can also put on a wide sweatshirt if you don’t have a shirt. Finish off the look with a tousled bun made from a scrunchie. Brilliant!

 Baggy pants and crop top

Another very 90s and very comfortable option is to take baggy pants, whether dressy or more casual, and combine them with a crop top or a short sweater. You can finish off the look with high-top sneakers and large golden earrings with geometric shapes.

Skirt and lantern sleeve

And if you’re more of a skirt than pants, we recommend a look of ten. A mini denim or tube skirt, combined with a blouse or shirt with lantern sleeves or shoulder pads… Or that has some draping. There is nothing more ninety than this type of cuts. If you dare, you can combine your look with a bouffant in your hair. Of course, we recommend that your arm yourself with patience (and softening cream) to untangle it afterwards. Finish off the look with the classic Converse and a fine chain around the neck.

Flowy tank dress and basic t-shirt underneath

Another of the most recurring and easy to imitate 90s looks is to wear a thin and flowing strap dress, either printed or plain, and put on a basic white short-sleeved T-shirt underneath. Of course, the best thing is that you finish off the outfit with white sneakers.

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