Fashion: how to wear fishnet tights without losing the glamor

There is no doubt: the 90s are back, and to stay. We never believed that we would wear a bomber jacket with absolutely all kinds of looks, brown lips in any beauty look, bushy eyebrows -and makeup, or the day and night choker necklace. But the reality is that we have once again fallen prey to trends and we have to accept it. For this reason, it is not surprising that it is increasingly common for fishnet stockings to take to the streets and do so by the famous. But how to wear them without losing the glamour?

This is how to wear fishnet stockings with style 

  • The first thing we have to keep in mind is that both in fashion and in beauty, less is more. This means that if you want to wear fishnet stockings and keep the glamour, don’t choose those with the biggest ‘fence’ in the world. That is, there are discreet ones, with small holes, which can go great with any look. In addition, these look especially good with dresses that have a neckline or some kind of eccentric point for the elderly. From a global point of view, fishnet stockings will look like another pattern to stockings, as if we were wearing a pattern or polka dots.
  • However, if we want to attract more attention with the fishnet stockings and we want to show what they are because the rest of the look is very sober and boring, then we can wear some that are bigger. In order not to lose style, we have to let one of the attributes have a greater role than the rest of the style.

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