How to be a hipster: fashion or way of life

Hipsters are a true urban tribe. They are authentic gafapastas, lovers of the days of John Lennon, they seek to differentiate themselves, to be individual. His tastes and interests go through the music and culture of the 50s and 60s.The most important thing for a hipster is the attitude, relaxed and that air of sophistication typical of a cultured person. Fashion is one of the most important points to be a hipster, vintage clothes, horn-rimmed glasses and accessories. The key is to appear to have stepped into the time machine and back to the ’60s.

Famous hipsters

  • The hipster aesthetic reaches the world of celebrities, finding great ambassadors such as the actor Ryan Gosling or the new it girl Zooey Deschanel.
  • The star of Drive and boyfriend of Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling, walks down the street wearing skinny pants, t-shirts with ethnic motifs, a cardigan in earth tones and of course the accessories, pear-shaped glasses, a necklace or pendant and the classic Casio gold that could fit perfectly in a Tarantino movie. Ryan Gosling’s look, it boy from the blockbuster Drive, can be found in the main low cost brands, you can dress your hipster boyfriend by going shopping at Zara, Pull and Bear or H&M.
  • A good hipster should listen tothe Beatles or the Rolling Stones and also has to set trends in social networks. Zooey Deschanel is a stylish gafapasta. She surprised us at the Golden Globes with her nail polish. Fun and above all peculiar, the protagonist of New Girl has that hipster air. She dresses in sixties dresses with baby necks, she combs her long brown hair and picks it up in the Brigitte Bardot style and like a good hipster she covers her gaze with enormous black-rimmed glasses. Zooey’s vintage beauty has made her a style beacon to follow.
  • Lana del Rey meets the requirements to be a Hipster icon. The singer remembers the late Amy Winehouse both for her voice with hints of jazz and for the way she dresses. The former H&M image wears faded jeans, ethnic-patterned coats and ballerina pumps. The importance is in the details; Lana del Rey does not leave home without her vintage-inspired bag. Like Zooey Deschanel, the singer sports long hair with straight bangs in the Jane Birkin style.
  • The hipster fashion has also reached the teen icons. Zac Efron has been the last to fall. The actor, much more mature than in his High School Musical days, walks around in skinny pants, button-down shirts, inspired by 50s underwear, and of course, sunglasses with a retro touch.

Manual to be a good hipster

  • The first advice we give you is that a hipster is carried inside. If you are interested in art and traveling and walking to cities like London or Berlin. If your bands are Love of Lesbian, Arcade Fire or Serge Gainsbourg, you definitely have a hipster inside you.
  • Fashion and hairstyle is a staple for hipster culture. Open your mother’s closet or your grandmother’s trunk and retrieve a shirt, dress or cardigan. Mix current clothes and apply vintage nuances. Cut your hair or dare with a bird’s nest updo in the purest preppy style. Take out the black horn-rimmed glasses and the polaroid and…you’ve become a hipster!
  • Dressed like this you can go to art exhibitions, photography and music festivals and most importantly, share everything you do on Instagram and twitter so that others can adore your sophistication and that “cool” air that being a hipster implies.

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