The snake print is in fashion: the animal print returns

The snake print returns and does so with a renewed air. Because? Well, because this time you can wear it in the clothes and accessories you want. Snake print is not an easy trend and you may need some help to style it. Here are the keys to show off the python print or python print and make your look a success.

How to combine the snake print?

Fashion connoisseurs say that this season the rules have gone a little crazy. And they are not without reason, they wear pastel and phosphor tones, they wear urban and rock style and at the same time the lady style and they wear disparate accessories such as mismatched and classic earrings such as pearl necklaces.

And in the midst of this appetizing panorama, the animal print becomes hollow, but not just any one, but the snake print, the favorite of the celebs. It is no longer only worn on cowboy boots, now you can wear it on all the clothes that come to mind. If not, look at the outfits of the famous and fashion influencers. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Look with skirt and basic t-shirt

Some choose to wear a high-waisted skirt with a snake print, buckle and buttons in the center and accompany it with a basic short-sleeved shirt. Here you have the first of the keys to combine the fashion print with style, wear it with basic pieces, the simpler the better.

  1. Snake pants and the color black

Put on some flared snake print pants and accompany them with a dark-colored blouse or t-shirt, a bag with a dash of color and your favorite jewelry. Do you want to go one step further and show off two trends in the same look? Add a black beret.

  1. A very stylish cowboy outfit
  • Take a look at this look, it has captivated us, it will be the shirt with a subtle snake print, it will be the boots that shine or it will be the way to wear it, the fact is that it is a combination that we plan to copy from head to toe. We also really like the idea of ​​a python print dress.
  • It is clear then that the animal print is in fashion and that it will dye all kinds of garments suitable for whoever wants to wear them. T shirts and skirts surrender to the chicest print of the season, for those who are a little more daring, there are tops, scarves and boots, to combine with each other and let them take center stage. Fashion, as they say, is like a game in which it is about wearing the most current trend with a very personal touch that sets us apart, now you have the guidelines to achieve it.
  • And you? Have you already got the print that triumphs?

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