Fashion studs: the eighties are back

Tacks were once a symbol of punk aesthetics. Initially associated with the most marginal artistic and cultural circles, tacks became part of the world of rock, more accepted, but without losing its rebellious character. And after spending a season in the dark, studs are back in fashion, from haute couture to the most casual look and we love the rescue of these accessories that make us shine much more on any occasion.

Tacks for everything

  • We find golden or silver studs on each garment. We know that this winter the rocker look is in fashion for which studs are essential. But it is that they can accommodate any style. The key to getting it right, as in almost any trend, is measurement. You don’t need to incorporate the studs into your top, your jacket, your pants and your bag at the same time, because it would be tiresome, but you do have the possibility of choosing where to wear them.
  • Because we have seen studs on casual t-shirts, on sophisticated tops, on fashionable shorts, on skirts, dresses and even on skinny pants. And of course, you can’t miss the studs on your black leather jacket either. As if that were not enough, the number of seasonal accessories that incorporate studs is increasing, from bags and belts to bracelets, including footwear, where black studded ankle boots have become the must this season.
  • The most prestigious designers use them in their latest collections. This is the case of Balmain, Valentino, Marc Jacobs or Moschino, and the famous have quickly become addicted to wearing studs in their looks. Women of very different styles that this season have a common denominator: studs. Kate Moss, Miley Cyrus, Nicky Hilton, Sara Carbonero and even the it girl of the moment, Paula Echevarría, are some of those who have already joined this trend.

How to wear studs

  • If you are not one of the most transgressive in terms of fashion, you can discreetly incorporate studs into your look. A black blazer with silver details embedded in the lapels will be enough to update your image. Although you can also restrict this trend to accessories, carrying a bag with studs or adding a rocker touch to your look with some ankle boots.
  • But since studs adapt to any style, don’t forget that you can attend a party with your most sophisticated dress accompanied by studded stilettos. In addition, we find them in hats and gloves, achieving a more glamorous air.
  • And if you are wanting to incorporate studs into your look but are afraid of having to spend a fortune on the latest clothes, don’t worry, because it is a trend that adapts to the current of “do it yourself” and can renew your clothes without spend nothing Stay with the acronym DIY of this current (do it yourself) because we are going to see it a lot from now on.

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