Keys to show off the grunge style: main garments for your looks

If we talk about the 90’s and its relationship with fashion, surely many ideas come to mind such as: the appearance of supermodels like Kate Moss, the rise to fame of stylists, the cult of the body and the minimalism, with the famous “less is more”. But there is something else for which we must remember those years, the appearance of the grunge style. In this article we give you some keys to show off the grunge style, we tell you what it consists of as well as the main garments to create your looks. You cannot lose this!

What does the grunge style represent?

  • The grunge movement arose at the end of the 80’s in Seattle (United States) thanks to some alternative rock bands, which through their lyrics showed their disagreement with the imposed system. These musicians began to dress in thrift stores so as not to support the extreme consumerism that promoted capitalism. Cardigans and wide jean pants were his trademark, and without a doubt his star figure was none other than Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain.
  • Currently, the knitted cardigan (turned into a fashion icon) that said singer used in 1993 for the presentation of his Unplugged on the famous MTV channel is valued at 300,000 euros, while he got it for a couple of dollars in a second-hand store. hand can you believe it?

Key garments to show off great grunge-style looks 

All those clothes associated with work and the countryside are part of a style that does not go unnoticed. Let’s see together some looks to bring out your grunge clothes.

Pictures and more pictures

If there is a pattern that we must undoubtedly name when talking about the grunge style, it is the famous tartan, that is, the checkered fabric. To achieve a completely rock look, try to incorporate this print through ankle pants, maxi skirts, shoes, accessories and of course, shirts. To look even tougher, we recommend you wear the lumberjack shirt open over a white, black or gray t-shirt.

Stomp: boots or military boots

  • A must-have shoe in every grunge girl’s wardrobe should be the calf boot or black military boot. This type of all-terrain shoe will go wonderfully with any of your looks, whether you choose a dress or wide pants, boots are your best option.
  • For some seasons we have seen a variant of said footwear, the chunky boots. If you want to change the boots that you usually wear, we recommend you see these boots that you will surely love.

Oversized cardigans

We already said that they were Kurt Cobain’s favorites, so they cannot be left out of your closet. For a few seasons now we have seen them timidly appear on the catwalks, but it seems that their time to shine has finally come. There will be no store where you will not find them, so if you want to highlight your grunge look, do not hesitate to go find yours. You can find them in different lengths and we will tell you that none of them will look bad in your daily outfits. Among the colors that you can choose, black, gray and brown take the podium.

Lingerie dress, a real rock star

  • Courtney Love, the wife of the Nirvana singer, was characterized not only by her platinum hair and red lipstick, the first lady of grunge, she also chose lingerie dresses as her favorite garment. Since the 1990s (and a little earlier too), this type of dress has not stopped appearing in the most famous parades in the world.
  • To be even more fashionable, wear it over a white t-shirt or a black long-sleeved shirt with transparencies. Complete your look with a choker, some good boots and a matching backpack, you will look super good.

Flowers with black background

At this point we can already affirm that the black color is the one that reigns in this trend, but that is not why it should always be used as a solid color. Try to try wearing a flower print dress, to make your look look more disheveled, which is the aesthetic of grunge style, combine it with black torn tights. If you are in winter, you can wear it under a sweater and still look stylish.

All red

If you thought that red garments have completed their cycle, let us tell you that you are very wrong. Today you can not only see them in stockings, body shirts are another of the most famous ways to wear them. Put them under your favorite shirt and you will give it the grunge touch you need.

Rock band t-shirts

One of the classic garments of this style are rock band t-shirts, surely you have some in your closet, and if not, it is time to make one for yourself. You can combine them tied at the waist with dresses or high-waisted leather skirts to look more fashionista, they will give a touch of rebellion to any of your looks.

Clothes with breaks

Is there anything more grunge than ripped jeans? The breaks will give it the scruffy touch we need to give our style a bit of rudeness. While skinny pants wouldn’t be bad when it comes to combining looks, try wearing looser pants. Also try them on jackets of the same material, remember that the bigger and looser they are, the better.

Studs and chains

One of the most emblematic accessories of the rock scene are studs and chains. You can add them to anything from pants to shoes to backpacks. In fact, they are great allies when it comes to customizing your clothes and making them more fun, as well as of course, seeing you different. Try adding studs to that black jacket you haven’t worn in a while and give your clothes a modern twist.

Black sneakers

Perhaps military boots are not your thing, so in this article we bring you an equally stylish and comfortable alternative: sneakers. In the Converse style, canvas shoes carry rock in their essence. Who has not used a black pair to attend festivals and music concerts? They were undoubtedly the mark of the grunge aesthetic.

Horizontal stripes

Whether on baggy sweaters or long-sleeved T-shirts, black and white or black and red horizontal stripes scream GRUNGE! Try to wear them with black pants or shorts. You can add a little more flair with necklaces of different lengths.

Give faded colors a chance

  • Any garment that, as we said, looks like it came out of a thrift store will look totally grunge, but if there is something that gives it the touch of used clothes, it is the worn colors. Today you do not need to expect the garment to look worn, since the stores are in charge of selling them with that style. Try colors like grey, red and blue and you will see how they change any normal look to a grunge one.
  • This time it was the turn of the grunge style, do you already know how you are going to combine your next outfit? Remember that style is an expression of your personality, and although fashion mandates are collective, you can stand out by communicating through it.
  • We already gave you the keys to show off a grunge style, it’s time for you to go find your favorite t-shirt with a message, add some black or oversize accessories and go out to rock your day.

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