Down jackets: allies against the cold that can also be sexy

If you already know the latest trends in coats for this season, surely you have already decided on some of the proposals. But the truth is that there are cities in Spain where the cold really hits hard and it doesn’t even occur to you to leave home in the morning with your trench coat, no matter how much you love it. For the coldest days you do not have to do without your down jacket and we have discovered some that keep all the style intact in your look.

Down jackets for all tastes

  • Luckily, down jackets are one of those garments that never go out of style, if only because of the need to protect yourself from the cold. Each season the down jacket reappears with new details that bring it closer to the trends, but if you want one that will last several winters you can opt for the most classic black down jacket with a length up to the knees.
  • However, if you want to give your down jacket a trendier touch, you will surely find it in any store readapted to the trends. This year we have seen down jackets with a military air, perfect for this very fashionable look. You can find the down jackets in basic colors, which combine with everything, but you can also find them in the most varied colors. Take note of the burgundy color, which has been hitting hard this season.
  • If the down jacket with a length up to the knees is the most functional, you can also choose a short one at the waist, or one fitted to stylize the figure somewhat. And for the most extreme climates, don’t hesitate to wear a long, very long one, displaying the popular saying “I’m hot…”.

How to wear a down jacket with style?

  • It is true that the down jacket is a garment that comes from the sports field, from the world of mountains and skiing, which is why many women are reluctant to use this garment because they consider it too informal. Others flee from down jackets because they produce a visual effect of rounding out the figure, making it fatter and leaving it shapeless. And while there is some truth in all this, if you choose a fitted or belted down jacket you will easily avoid the feared Michelin man effect with this garment.
  • On the other hand, you don’t have to give up style with a down jacket either. Try wearing it with leggings and studded ankle boots that are so fashionable this season. Your skinny pants and high boots are a perfect option to accompany your feathers. And you can also play with colors and shapes. Beige down jackets with golden touches, with a hood, with lapels, with a belt, we have even seen them with discreet ruffles.
  • From the more urban and chic style that the puffer jacket with pants gives you, you can go on to a more sophisticated look. Your black lace dress with thick tights and heeled ankle boots are perfect with your puffer jacket. Not only perfect, but your look is proclaiming that you are a self-confident, functional and attractive woman.

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