Tutti Fruti print: looks to combine the print inspired by fruit

If you like polka dot prints or animal prints, wait until you see a trend that we’re sure you’ll love: The Tutti Frutti print. Yes, as you hear it, it seems that watermelons, cherries and pineapples are no longer just summer fruits to sneak in as a star decoration in our clothes and accessories. Do you want to know how to wear it with a lot of style? Watch out! In this article we bring you some looks to learn how to combine the print inspired by fruits that you are going to love.

The Tutti Frutti print is the unmissable fashion of spring

The fact that the Tutti Frutti print is the star fashion of spring does not mean that you can forget about it when summer arrives, because when a trend breaks out with force, everything indicates that it will stay with us for a few months.

If pineapples, strawberries, lemons, cherries or watermelons are also going to be the must-have print on your clothes and accessories, do not miss the user manual that we have prepared so that you know how to combine the Tutti Frutti print with lots of style.

Wear the Tutti Frutti print on your seasonal dresses

To the fruits that we have just listed we add these colors: pink, red, lime green, lemon yellow, sky blue and white. It is then that you choose a color and a fruit to wear on your dress and that you wear it as many times as you want. What to complement it with? Well, with what you like the most as long as it is in neutral tones to make a little contrast.

Tutti Frutti print jacket with blouse in the same print

Do you see yourself with a look in which the jacket and the blouse have the same Tutti Frutti print? Sure, yes, to wear with jeans, shorts or any other simple bottom part. The idea is that the jacket combines the Tutti Frutti print with the blouse, that each one chooses the model that they like the most: with large, extra-colourful watermelons, with minimal lemons in lime green, some strawberries on a white background… There are models for all tastes and all styles.

Tutti Frutti print pants, who dares?

Well yes, the Tutti Frutti print fashion does not seem to skip any garment, so much so that we can also find it in skirts and pants. Our personal advice is to choose the one you like the most (it’s a fashion to attract attention so don’t be afraid to wear some super colorful Tutti Frutti pants), and combine them with a plain, neutral or good in a bright color but that is the one that is repeated the most in your skirt or pants.

Print Tutti Frutti also to wear in accessories

Perhaps you have fallen in love with this crazy fashion and you want to wear it with as many accessories as possible, or perhaps you like it a lot but you think it is better to wear in small quantities, the fact is that the Tutti Frutti print is also perfect for wear in spring and summer accessories.

For example, high white strappy sandals with a strawberry Tutti Frutti print. What do you see with them to wear with a long dress? There are also mini bags with lemon print or large ones that mix Tutti Frutti print with several pieces of fruit at the same time.

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