How to dress to go to a party from the 80s: Ideal and groundbreaking

Celebrating a theme party is something very recurring when inviting to a special event. Surely you have ever had to go to a movie-themed costume party, or a hippie one, or one set in decades past, like the 60s, 80s, or even the 90s. 

These are decades that marked a very specific style in fashion, although perhaps the era that most broke with all the established canons in fashion -and also in other areas of society- was the 80s. What happens if you are invited to an event set in this era? Don’t put your hands on your head! Customizing any outfit is an easy and cheap way to go, and for this reason we reveal the keys to knowing how to dress to go to an 80s party and go ideal and groundbreaking.

Looks to succeed at a party in the 80s

The time of the Madrid scene, leg warmers, fishnet stockings and colored hair, but also shoulder pads, Alaska and Madonna. A time when everything was exaggerated and very flashy. Surely the phrase that best defines the fashion of this era is ‘more is more’, the more excessive and showy you are dressed, the better. Because this decade meant the end of the beauty canons established up to now and the rebellion.

‘Good girl’ outfit

As in any era, in the 80s there was also a clear differentiation between girls who dressed in ‘good girl’ looks and those who wore punk reminiscences. Do you prefer a ‘good girl’ look? Perfect! You can opt for pants or skirt, either of the two options will be quite good.

If you opt for pants you should choose the so-called ‘mom jeans’, characterized by being high-waisted, wide and skinny. Tuck in a basic white t-shirt, a studded belt and an oversized denim jacket. In the footwear, put on some classic sneakers, and add some long sports socks. Ideal!

If, on the other hand, you want to get a tight mini skirt, you should opt for a fluorine color and a wide sweater. If it can be bright in tone, much better. Add some essential shoulder pads, some sneakers and some long socks. Finally, tie your hair into a high ponytail.

Punk look

This is probably the easiest characterization to achieve for an 80s outfit. Get some black leggings and slit them in several places on the leg. Wear fishnet stockings underneath and a tulle skirt in purple or fuchsia on top. With a transparent black or fishnet top, a bustier or a shirt broken off the shoulder so that it is exposed and tied at the waist you will have the upper part.

You can combine it with a leather biker jacket. Some military or biker boots and some black gloves to which you must cut off the fingers – mittens were the top ten in this decade – and you will have your 80s punk look. Surely you have many of these things in your closet.

Sporty look

One of the biggest trends of the 80s were sports looks, always in fluorine colors. Leggings and bodysuits in vibrant hues were the go-to outfits for toned women, and they wore them whenever they could. Why not go to the party with a sporty look? You will cause a sensation!

Put on some leg warmers over the bad ones, and some sneakers to finish off the outfit. You will get a most surprising effect, and you can be the queen of the party. Of course, remember not to forget the ribbon on the forehead so characteristic of that wonderful time.

Chains and necklaces as accessories

As we said, the word excess is the key in this decade. And for this reason, to create an eighties look, you should wear chains, pendants and bracelets. The more and bigger the better. For good girl looks choose pearls and for punks, wear chains, pendants with crosses and wide bracelets. Do not forget about earrings, the bigger the better, nor about belts with studs and spikes.

What is the best beauty look for an 80s party?

Hairstyle with volume

The hairstyle varies depending on the outfit you wear, as it happens in any self-respecting event. Of course, the general trend is to show off a great volume and curls. For the ‘good girl’ outfit, you can wear a high ponytail and, if it’s on the side, much better. You can also go one step further and do the ‘rufles’ irons, those that create waves in the strands of hair.

And if you’re going for a punk look, you’d better go as thick, curly, or bouffant as possible. If you dare, you can also dye yourself a vibrant color like fuchsia or purple. An advice? Get a dye of those that go with a wash.

Full color makeup

In addition to the hairstyle, you also have to keep makeup in mind when it comes to wearing a perfect 80s outfit. It is best that you choose bright tones such as fuchsia, purple, yellow or blue for your eye shadows and create a rainbow effect. The corner is also essential, so you must mark it a lot.

Add a mascara to finish with the eyes creating a most sensual effect. For the lips you can use from fuchsia to red or garnet, dark purple and a long etcetera. Put on your usual base but, for the blush, you should use a pink or brown tone and mark your cheekbone a lot.

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