How to combine the paintings, the star pattern of autumn?

For jackets, long coats to the feet, pants, silk scarves, shoes, handbags and the more pieces that come to mind, checkered prints, once again, are proclaimed as the star print. autumn, and probably also winter. But wait, let’s go in parts! Like any self-respecting chic trend, paintings come with a very specific manual under their arms. This means that not everything goes when it comes to wearing them. Do you want to know how to combine the fashionable checkered print? Pay attention to these tips.

Tips to combine the squares in your autumn looks 

Full color checkered print

Put on a maxi long mini plaid coat in bright yellow and mix it with neutral pieces or simple tones. Or maybe you prefer to opt for a black checked maxi bag and wear it with loud and vibrant colors. The first of the rules regarding paintings goes like this: color is the key, neither too flashy nor too boring, the balance and ingenuity of each one is the answer.

The checked suit, yes of course

Plaid suit the same as last year? Yes, but no. With pictures in the style that you want but now, instead of wearing it fitted, it is more masculine. Wide and loose cut and sleeves that end beyond the wrist. Be careful, this does not mean that the checkered suit is no longer ultra-feminine, which it is. Don’t lose sight of it, it will get you out of trouble when you don’t know what to wear to that work meeting.

Skirt or pants?

Both, without a doubt. The first, the skirt, for a simple look. The second option for a more elegant outfit. Follow the example of Sara Carbonero: not all the checks have to have the same color, size or shape as the usual ones, changing the style and combining the checks with the color black is another of the secrets to knowing how to wear them perfectly the print of autumn

Wait, there’s still more. The mini checkered print in a schoolgirl tone, the one that almost all of us have worn when we were girls, now goes hand in hand with long or short trench coats. Now you know how to wear two trends in the same outfit.

A Charming plaid blazer

What happens if we put some fashionable squares on our beloved blazer? Well, we have a renewed garment with a lot of vibes. Opt for a simple cut piece or get a longer one that you can wear as a dress, or that has wide lapels… I’m sure you already see where we’re going. By the way, the intense red bag combines wonderfully with the sober checks. Why not try?

Squares for a total look

Pay attention daring girls, this is for you. A look that is made up one hundred percent of paintings? Yes, but don’t make the mistake of being too showy. That the color is appropriate, the garments must be well chosen and the accessories blend in with the rest of the garments. You will be the center of attention.

Do you already have the pattern that is sweeping cities around the world?

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