Clothes and looks that are trending in 2023: fashionable outfits

2023 is a year full of innovative and groundbreaking trends in terms of fashion. It is very important to know what type of garments, colors and styles you are going to wear this season, a season full of lingerie, worn denim or see-through. Our looks are also dyed in cheerful colors such as fuchsia, pistachio green or mauve.

You want to know more? In this article we show you the main items of clothing and looks that are trending in 2023, the most fashionable outfits and the outfits that you will not stop seeing both on the streets and on the catwalks or on celebrities. Take note that we started!

Dresses that are trending in 2023

Black dresses

The so-called little black dress is necessary in any wardrobe, because with this type of dress you can create infinite combinations. They are versatile since you can combine them with sneakers (for informal looks) or with stiletto heels and a beaded clutch, ideal for parties or special events. In 2023 they take a lot of strength with transparencies and pronounced necklines.

Animal print dresses

Make room for this print in your closet, as it returns with the desire to be part of our garments. A long dress in this print, with black stilettos and a handbag is, without a doubt, a perfect look to dazzle. You can also wear it with shoulder pads, another 2023 trend.

Dresses with transparencies

Transparencies are very present throughout 2023, especially in the spring/summer season. To wear a daring look, we recommend a red midi-cut dress with transparencies, nude pumps and a shiny handbag.

Sequined dresses

We continue in the line of groundbreaking dresses, a safe bet for 2023 is the dress with sequins. Opt for a striking color like green or fuchsia and combine it with heeled sandals.

Corset dresses

Corset dresses are marked by sensuality and are also the trendiest in 2023. Do you dare to get one? Choose a cheerful tone like lime green or brown, with sandals of the same tone and a mustard handbag. Ideal!

Lingerie dresses

They are feminine and add a sensual touch to your look. You can opt for a black color or a more striking tone such as orange or red, it combines perfectly with metallic cowboy boots.

The skirts that are worn the most in 2023

Long skirt

As you well know, 2022 has been dominated by long skirts and dresses, as they have marked our outfits and outfits a lot. And, without a doubt, in 2023 this type of skirt will continue to have a strong presence in our closets. Combine your skirt with a halter neck top, black clogs and a stuffed toy bag.

Denim skirt

The worn denim trend has been going strong in 2023, both in skirts and pants. Skirts of this style can be combined with many other garments, such as a denim top to create a most spectacular look, with shiny or sequined accessories.

Table skirts

The inspiration of the collegiate or preppy style is on the list of trends for 2023. How to combine a pleated skirt? Although it seems a difficult task, it is not, there are ten left with a rhombus sweater and satin ballerinas or moccasins.


They look great to show off tanned legs, as microskirts are one of the most acclaimed trends for summer 2023. We recommend a fuchsia miniskirt, a white or black top, and orange strappy sandals. It is an ideal set!

Rocker style skirts

This type of style cannot be missing from the 2023 trend list. We advise you to wear a black tulle skirt, a leather jacket of the same color and, to round off the look, military boots. You will be groundbreaking!

The most trendy jackets and coats in 2023


We declare ourselves fans of oversize blazers, especially those with snake prints. If you want a discreet look, pair it with black or neutral clothes and accessories, but if you want an outfit that breaks all the stylistic rules, we suggest you wear this blazer with a fuchsia dress and stilettos.

Rider jackets

If you want a daring and groundbreaking touch in your outfit, choose a rider in a striking color. These jackets can be combined with short skirts, with pants, with all kinds of shoes and with the matching bag. Incredible!

Bomber jackets

One of the star jackets for winter 2023 is, without a doubt, the aviator jacket. It is a garment that you can wear both with a long dress and boots, and with jeans and a sweater.

The XXL coats

Among the trends for 2023 are long-cut tailored coats, those that go past the knee and reach the ground. With these coats you can complete formal outfits, although if you want to give a striking touch to your looks, you can opt for a fuchsia coat, a trendy hue. Combine your coat with a mini dress and accessories of the same color, thus creating a look in the purest ‘barbiecore’ style, that is, the trend that dyes your entire look in this color and that, from what we can see on social networks, many have already included among their favorites.

Fur coats

They are essential coats for the arrival of the cold and can be found in various versions: plush, teddy-style or shearling. You can create an ideal outfit if you combine it with jeans, military boots and a sweater. It also complements perfectly with a denim skirt and metallic loafers.

Padded coats

We have seen that several seasons ago puffer coats arrived in our closets, and it seems that they did it to stay. In 2023 this type of down coat can be found in its shorter version or in a sportier style with a hood. You can accompany it with leather pants and boots, or even with long dresses and sports shoes.

What pants are the most worn in 2023?

Boyfriend pants

Boyfriends are those pants that look great in your casual looks. Combine them with a plaid shirt in soft tones, such as pink or light blue, and sports shoes. Complete your look with an updo and a crossbody bag, and you will be ready to face the day to day.

Satin pants

Satin fabrics have a great presence in dresses and pants during 2023. They elevate any informal outfit, giving it a very chic touch of sophistication. You can resort to cargo pants and combine it with a black cardigan and sports shoes; or orange satin pants, with a crop top of the same tone with an asymmetrical neckline and a shiny baguette bag. Up to you!

Distressed jeans

The total trend of 2023 when it comes to pants is jeans, especially the distressed and low-rise ones. You can combine them with sneakers, and also with a shiny top or high boots. Another of the trendiest jeans of 2023 are the grunge ones, accompanied with a black blazer and a white shirt you will have a very attractive and groundbreaking outfit.

Cargo sweatpants

Do you like sporty chic looks? Then you can’t miss the cargo tracksuit pants, so trendy in 2023. Combine it with a fitted top, a tailored coat, or with a knit sweater and trainers.

Leather pants

It is a pants that repeats as a trend every year. You can combine it with a beige satin blouse (known as vanilla-latte this season), high-heeled loafers and a baguette bag.

Fuchsia pants

The fuchsia color is one of the biggest trends of 2023. So, don’t wait any longer to have pants of this color in your dressing room, which you can combine with a black satin shirt, or if you want to be trendy, you can go for another trendy shade such as pistachio green. Other combinations that are popular in the summer months are fuchsia and white or black. Although it is also ideal if it is mixed with other striking tones, such as orange or purple.

Leggings in vibrant tones

Orange, lime green, fuchsia… with these colors you will show off your leggings in 2023. Accompany them with shirts in softer or neutral colors, and dare with nake shoes, footwear that triumphs in the summer season and which are characterized by being transparent and because they allow the foot to be fully seen.

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