What is the preppy style: basics that you must include yes or yes in your looks?

Have you seen the famous series Gossip girl? If you were a Blair Waldorf lover, you surely know about the preppy style. If not, you will still be delighted with the following lines. In this article we are going to talk to you about a very chic trend, essential to understand fashion well: the preppy style. What basics should you add yes or yes in your looks so that they are of this style? Let’s see it!

The beginning of the preppy style in fashion

The preppy style began in 1930 at the hands of the students of the famous North American universities of the Ivy League, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, made up of eight private universities. They had to take a preparatory test to gain admission, hence its name preparatory (which suffered a small reduction). The style of these young people began to become popular and it did not take long until it was installed in the street style of the 50s thanks to the big designer houses.

The important thing about this style is the mixture that was made between boring uniforms and casual clothes such as sweatshirts, jeans and socks. This resulted in a sporty but formal style, something unthinkable for that time but that certainly caused people to talk.

Basics of the preppy style to create stylish looks

Are you already wondering what are the key garments that cannot be missing in the preppy style? Keep reading that we will tell you. If you want to fill your closet with preppy style clothes, the best thing you can do is invest in: shirts, skirts, vests, jerseys, loafers, socks and sportswear related to golf or tennis.

Now, after becoming familiar with this style, you will want to know what the best looks can be to show off it. In this article we propose these ideas so that your preppy style does not go unnoticed.

  1. Sweaters of different styles

The jerseys are undoubtedly the must-have when it comes to putting together your favorite college type outfit. These can be in different patterns, but if we have to choose, our favorites are: rhombuses and the Prince of Wales or Scottish style, that is, with square wefts.

Some of your sweaters may also have some details like eight point or stripes but not a full weave, as we don’t want preppy to suddenly be confused with navy.

  1. Pleated skirts

One of the most beautiful clothes you can get in this style. Pleated tennis player skirts undoubtedly provide incredible femininity and elegance to your looks. They might remind you a bit of the old high school uniform days, but remember that’s the look we want to achieve. Go ahead and give these table skirts a try!

  1. Pants with darts

The pants with tweezers or tailored are ideal for the classic look that imposes this style. You can have them in different colors, which will give your wardrobe a twist whenever you want to combine them with more neutral tones such as white or gray.

  1. Pastel colors

Speaking of colors, pastels are another of the most used features within the preppy style. By not being characterized by dark colors, light colors such as pink, light blue, yellow and even green become your great allies.

  1. Varsity style bomber jacket

The varsity-style bomber jacket is ideal for cooler days. Made of cotton and with white, red or blue motifs, they can have patches that simulate shields. It will look like you are wearing a real uniform.

  1. Shirts

Of course, necklines are not something that characterizes the preppy style, for this reason the ideal is to opt for shirts closed to the last button. Providing a super classic look, the shirts can be worn under the aforementioned sweaters to bring closure to your look. You can also wear shirt dresses to achieve the same look but with a different garment.

  1. Knitted vests

They can be with the aforementioned models, knitted vests, in addition to being the latest fashionista trend, serve to give your looks more seriousness and thus achieve the preppy style that you are looking for so much.

  1. Flared dresses

With cuts at the waist, evasé dresses are a classic if we remember the famous scenes of Blair, from the aforementioned Gossip Girl series. Combine them with white or burgundy tights. Remember that the best ones are short above the knee.

  1. Denim skirt

Although jeans are not prohibited in this style, as we have already seen, long pants are not as famous as skirts. For this reason, on this occasion, we will choose skirts made of the same material over jeans. Combine it with your favorite plain sweater or shirt.

  1. Light color pants

As we said, the protagonists of this style are undoubtedly the skirts, but pants are not left out of our list for this reason. The color white or also khaki offers the necessary seriousness to this outfit. You can combine it with a classic polo style shirt and a blue sweater.

  1. Blazer

With a unique elegance, blazers are ideal for the preppy style. They can have details such as embroidered logos and wide buttons that make them much more striking.

Essential footwear to show off a preppy style in your looks

If you are wondering which are the best shoes to close your preppy look, here is a small guide to see you impeccable:

With colored loafers

Another way to add colors to your preppy look is undoubtedly through footwear. Take a moccasin model and choose it in colors like red or mustard, you will see how you add a lot of color to a look characterized by classic colors.

Bootie-style pumps

To look a little more formal and get out of the flats, take advantage of any occasion and change them for some ankle-style heels. You can find them combined in two colors or with details such as bows or buckles, the laced ones will make you look great.


For more daily looks, these shoes will allow you to walk without suffering from heights. With a minimalist style, they give it the classic touch that this style needs. In this case we do not recommend that your socks remain uncovered.

What should you avoid if you want to be the queen of preppy style?

Of course we also bring you the no’s, that is, those clothes that it is better to leave aside when putting together a preppy style capsule. Let’s see some of them:

  • Leather effect: pants, jackets and any other type of leather garment, do not go with this aesthetic at all. Leave them for when you are looking for a more nocturnal look that gets out of your comfort zone.
  • Shoes with platforms: the boots, shoes with platform ugly sneakers or hiking boots that give you a much ruder look are better to leave them aside, remember that on the contrary this style is much more feminine and elegant.
  • Too oversized garments: although they are usually consistent if we use them in garments such as sweaters, to balance with tighter bottoms, the preppy style tends to follow the aesthetics of a more fitted fit.
  • Hoodies and sportswear outside the tennis or golf field. For example, avoid running shorts or biker tights.
  • Flashy prints: clearly the animal print is not a great friend of this trend. Avoid this type of pattern or any other that attracts too much attention.
  • Loud Colors – As with prints, loud colors are best left for another, perhaps more dramatic type of look.

What are you saying? Will you give this style a try? We are sure that if you follow our basics that you must include in you looks you will have a divine preppy style.

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